Lithuania Creative Producer Delegation to Japan

Creative Lithuania: Digital On Stage Stage

In Japan, Lithuania’s creativity is perceived as the “Land of linen and amber”. This initiative aims to develop the image of Lithuania, present relevant creators and proactive professionals of the cultural field.

The European Commission highlights the importance of CCI in Asia for economy, cultural diplomacy. Lithuania’s cultural policy emphasizes the importance of an international and purposeful national identity and the export of CCI. Japan is Lithuania’s most important partner in Asia and the most favorable market for the export of object design and fine art. After the visits of the Prime Ministers of both countries, the conclusion of the 3+1 format (Baltic countries + Japan), Sugihara’s year in Lithuania and the visit of the President of the Republic of Lithuania to Japan, bilateral relations are gaining momentum. In 2022, the position of cultural attaché in Japan is being renewed, and this year is also the century of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Japan. It is the anniversary that is the much-needed answer for Japanese art institutions to the question “why is it appropriate to establish relations with Lithuania now?”.

Let’s discuss the renewed world and reviving relations, presenting the achievements of Lithuanian culture and what future brings. In Japan, Lithuania’s creativity is perceived as the “Land of linen and amber”. The conference aims to develop the image of Lithuania, present relevant creators and creative professionals. This is the seventh “Creative Lithuania” event.

In Partnership with:

YPAM | KOGANECHO | BankART STATION | NOSIGNER | Yokohama Arts Museum / Yokohama Triennale | Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall | Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 | ZOUNOHANA  |  Arts Council Tokyo  |  Japan-Lithuania Business Association.

June 10-12, 11:00-16:00

Embassy of Lithuania, Tokyo
And other locations in Tokyo and Yokohama

スピーカー     /     PARTICIPANTS


Art Agency


Matas Drukteinis

Composer, project manager

Since 2014, our mission is to provide support to independent art and culture organizations, artistic groups, by offering professional management and administration, public communication and audience development.

Annually organize site-specific music festival “Music in Surroundings,” dedicated to exploring the interplay between sound, architecture, environment, and people. We represent Lithuania’s contemporary music collectives internationally (Chordos String Quartet, Synaesthesis, Twenty Fingers Duo, and others.

Internationally we collaborate with world-renowned composers such as Heiner Goebbels, Toshio Hosokawa, Michael Gordon, among others. And on national scale collaborate with music festival “Music Autumn”, and the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center, Lithuanian Composers’ Union, Music Information Centre Lithuania, National Radio and Television, and others.

Matas Drukteinis is a cultural producer primarily focused on contemporary music, arts, and public communication within the cultural sphere. As the founder and director of the Culture Agency “ART GENE,” he spearheads initiatives to advance these fields. Actively involved in various boards and working groups associated with expert activities at the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Drukteinis is committed to enhancing the contemporary music ecosystem in Lithuania and empowering local artists and organizations. As a composer, he gravitates towards site-specific music and other creative projects exploring social and political themes. Matas Drukteinis holds a master’s degree in Music Composition from the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy.


Vilnius City Contemporary Music Theatre Production House


Ana Ablamonova

Performing Arts Producer

Operomanija is a production house based in Lithuania, dedicated to the creation and promotion of new music theatre through diverse cross-disciplinary artistic collaborations. Since its formation in 2008, it has produced about 60 contemporary operas and various multidisciplinary art projects.

Organization runs Contemporary Opera Festival NOA (New Opera Action) – the leading international new music theatre event in the Baltic region. It also holds creative residencies related to contemporary opera, organises production and release of sound recordings, along with national and international promotion of produced contemporary operas and cross-genre projects.

Ana Ablamonova is a Lithuanian producer with 20 years of professional experience in the performing arts. In 2008 she founded and has been leading the production company Operomanija. In addition to her role as Managing Director, Ana Ablamonova often takes on the role of Creative Producer, initiating projects and building their creative teams.

For about ten years she was the director of the Art Centre at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, where she also taught performing arts and music management to the students of the Academy. She is a member and expert of various councils, commissions and initiative groups. She has extensive international experience, having worked on projects for international tours in numerous countries, festivals, theatres and cultural contexts. Ana holds two Bachelor and Masters Degrees: in Choral Conducting and in Music Management. She has received several awards for her active and productive work, including the Borisas Dauguvietis‘ Earring (Lithuanian professional theatre award), St. Kristoforas (Vilnius Municipality award), “Art Key” (Performing Arts Critics Association‘s award), Rotterdam “O. Festival” Prize for contribution to the development of world contemporary music theatre. From autumn 2023 she also serves as a part of the new management team of the Vilnius Old Theatre as curator for opera and music.

MMLAB theatre (Arts and Science LAB)

Performing arts company


Rusnė Kregždaitė


MMLAB was launched with creative projects where artists and scientists experimented together with new forms and subjects for the theatre works. MMLAB repertoire contains drama, dance, performative arts, experimental theatre productions. MMLAB is focusing on creative process and artistic development, while the main topics are various social problems, science, classics in modern world and many more.

Theatre producer and economics of culture researcher, Rusnė is active in academic and practical fields: she is implementing research related to economics of culture and teaching at Vilnius University. As founder of MMLAB, she implemented more than 60 artistic and educational projects in Lithuania and other countries. She is also the Chairwoman of the Performing Arts board at the Ministry of culture. Rusnė is combining her analytical way of thinking with expertise in cultural field to achieve both: create successful strategy for artistic company and initiate innovative research of cultural field. R. Kregždaitė holds PhD in cultural economics.


Centre for art, residencies, and education


JL Murtaugh

Curator of residencies and public programmes

Rupert is an independent art center in Vilnius, Lithuania, founded in 2012, focusing on art, residencies, and education. The center offers a residency program for international cultural professionals, including artists, writers, curators, and academics, who spend up to three months developing projects and connecting with the local scene. Rupert facilitates these connections and organizes activities like studio visits and public presentations.

Liam leads Rupert’s residency and public programming while developing the organisation’s curatorial strategy and international partnerships. Originally from Chicago, he is an artist, curator, writer, and consultant, and has lived in Vilnius since 2020. He previously organised projects under the alias of Syndicate; a liquid, nomadic contemporary art platform producing exhibitions, events, and publications with long-term artist collaborators. He was recently the artistic director of Autarkia, Vilnius (2020 to 2023), and was formerly the director of Tenderpixel, London (2012 to 2014). Liam studied at Goldsmiths College, London (MFA Fine Art); Kunstakademie Düsseldorf; and Columbia College, Chicago (BFA Fine Art and Art History), following earlier education in architecture and design.


Cultural Center


Živilė Diawara

Co-founder / CEO

LOFTAS is an independent multifunctional creative and cultural center located in former electrotechnic factory area with around 200 events all over the year (from 2010) – festivals, concerts, performances, theater, urban art, design fairs, film screenings, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.

A professional in the cultural and creative industries with a master’s degree in economics. Fifteen years ago, she, along with a partner, established the first multifunctional cultural center, LOFTAS, in Vilnius. As a cultural entrepreneur and producer, she possess extensive experience in business management and development, strategy and data analysis, as well as managing large-scale international and national projects. Her expertise spans Lithuanian cultural field, street art, music, and local designers ecosystems, along with digital, media, and marketing domains, innovations, publishing, and movies creation.


Digital Media Production Agency

Sergej Grigorjev

Co-founder, CEO

NEO NINE is a digital media production agency in Lithuania, working with new media and with over 10 years of experience in AR, VR, XR and 3D-mapping. Bringing cultural and societal issues to new and relevant forms across digital realm.


MR. TODODO – an educational board and online game in which little explorers learn responsibility and independence by overcoming everyday household tasks. Using artificial intelligence and generative design, Mr. ToDoDo personalizes each game, tailoring challenges to children of different ages based on ability and family values.

Sergej is a creative producer, art director and graphic designer, dividing his professional time by spearheading cultural initiatives a CEO of NEO NINE. Being one of the founders of Japanese cultural festival nowJapan, Sergej is professionally involved in digital realm for over 12 years.